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Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council

Views of Brightley with Abbeyford Woods in the background

Representatives to Other Bodies

OrganisationCouncillor Representatives
Beacon Path CommitteeCouncillor Stuart Norris
Meldon Village Hall Management CommitteeCouncillor Maria Cooper
North West Devon MattersCouncillor Martin Littlejohns
Councillor Brian Wood
Northern LinksCouncillor Maria Cooper
Councillor Andy Ewen
Okehampton Neighbourhood Planning GroupCouncillor Brian Wood
Councillor Maria Cooper
Councillor Andy Ewen
Okehampton Sports & Open Spaces Recreation GroupCouncillor Andy Ewen
Councillor John Heard
Okehampton United CharityCouncillor Maria Cooper
Mr Philip Davies
OkeRail ForumCouncillor Brian Wood

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