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Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council

Celebrating 125 years of Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council

The answers to the 'Identify the Photograph' competition are as follows -

1.  Priory Cottage, Brightley

2.  Chichacott

3.  Charlottes Bridge, Fatherford

4.  Meldon Viaduct

5.  Play area Meldon Fields

6.  Seat in Exeter Road between Mole Avon and Country Lanes Garden Centre

7.  Okehampton Castle

8.  Wind Turbine in the Business Park, Exeter Road

9.  Stockley Hamlet

10  Brightley Bridge

11.  Old Swimming Pool, Old Town Park

12.  Promise School

13.  Meldon Village Hall

14.  Southcott Cross, Dry Lane

15.  Old Town Park

16.  Okehampton Showground

17.  St James Church of England Primary School

18.  Granite Way by Meldon