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Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council
Dartmoor Ponies grazing on Okehampton Common near Okehampton Camp

Grant Applications

Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council has a budget for the award of grants using certain legal powers. Where there is no statutory power specific to the activity for which the grant is sought, the Council may use Section 137 of the Local Government Act to give grants to community organisations. This power can only be used if it will benefit some or all of the Okehampton Hamlets area or its residents and where the benefit obtained is commensurate with the expenditure incurred.

Most grants awarded are of the order of £150 - £300, with a maximum payment of £500.

Grant applications are considered at each meeting of the Parish Council. Dates of meetings are posted on this website and Parish Council Noticeboards.

Grant applications must meet the criteria set out in the Grant Application Conditions and applications must be made on the Parish Councilís application form which can be downloaded below. The application form is also obtainable from the Parish Clerk. Applications should be returned to the Parish Clerk and accompanied by appropriate accounts or supporting financial information as detailed on the form. Applications may be refused or deferred if applicants do not comply with these requirements.

Grant applicants are also encouraged to apply to the Okehampton Town Council for funding.

Download Documents:

Listed below are some of the grants made by Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council:

Okehampton Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Oct 2019 - Grant awarded to Okehampton Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Chairman Councillor Brian Wood presenting a grant cheque to Chris Bourne, Chair of Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme Committee. The funds will be used to purchase replacement equipment.

Tor Support Services

Feb 2019 - Grant awarded to Tor Support Services

Vice Chairman Councillor Martin Littlejohns presenting a grant cheque of £300 to Kathryn Vile, Chair of Trustees of Tor Support Services.

Okehampton Chamber of Trade

Dec 2018 - Grant awarded to Okehampton Chamber of Trade

Councillor Brian Wood presenting a grant cheque to Christine Marsh, Okehampton & District Chamber of Trade, towards the costs of Okehampton Christmas Lights

Meldon Fields Residents Group

May 2017 - Grant awarded to Meldon Fields Residents Group

Councillors presenting a cheque to Alison Duckers of the Group. This is a Group recently set up by the residents to encourage and improve community spirit by running public events and bringing the people closer together.

Okehampton & District Community Transport Group

Nov 2016 - Grant awarded to Okehampton & District Community Transport Group

Chairman Councillor Derek Webber with other Hamlets Councillors presenting a cheque to Sue Wonnacott from the Community Transport Group.