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Parish Clerk: Mrs Jane Gillard
Incott Farm, Sampford Courtney
Okehampton EX20 2SR

Tel: 01837 557285


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North Dartmoor Search & Rescue

The North Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team (NDSRT) is based in Okehampton. As a Mountain Rescue team it provides a search and rescue service for missing and injured persons on Dartmoor as well as the surrounding rural areas. Currently there are about 40 members in the team. All are volunteers who give their time 24/7 to help those in distress. The NDSRT is a charity and relies on public donation to operate.


Okehampton United Charity

Okehampton United Charity makes grants to organisations providing charitable benefits to the residents of Okehampton and its four Hamlets. This can include Community Facilities, Community Support, Sport and Recreation and Education. The Charity will consider applications for capital or running costs.

Tel: 01837 55179

Simmons Homes Charity

Simmons Homes Charity manages thirteen Almshouses in Okehampton. The Almshouses are available to let to residents of Okehampton or its Hamlets who are in need.

Tel: 01837 55179

The Charities of Holditch and Others

The Charities of Holditch and Others are a small grant giving charity which focuses on awarding grants annually to residents of Okehampton and its Hamlets who are over 60 and in receipt of pension credit. Students who are undertaking an apprenticeship and local groups who benefit from one off grants.
Tel: 01837 55179

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